Blake murrell

Blake Ryan Murrell
Age: 4
Cushing, OK


Think of Blake When You Donate

Wandering issues are increasing in the autism community and many situations are ending in heart break for families.  Blake Ryan Murrell, age 4, passed away on April 19, 2011 in a tragic accident. Blake had recently been diagnosed with Autism. His family had just received news the day before his passing that he would start Kindergarten in August. He and his mother were so excited about going to school.

The family had known for a while that he was most likely autistic and had been working and teaching Blake things at home. He was a very loving little boy that taught all of us so much in the short time he was here with us. He enjoyed being outdoors playing in the dirt, grass and rocks. He loved birds and pinwheels and any kind of ribbon that he could twirl around.

Please donate today in Blake’s name so that we can help provide families with information or items to prevent their child with autism from wandering. Your support will help us increase autism awareness within our community and keep children with autism safe.


Donate to Developmental Wings, Inc.

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